Billy Bender, PSGT

ABOUT Billy Bender, PSGT

Billy hails from Spokane, WA where he got his start in the sleep field in 2006 after he received his Associate of Arts degree and observed his Aunt on the job as a sleep technician. After that visit, he was so fascinated with the sleep field that he literally called every sleep laboratory in Spokane to start learning and volunteering. He landed a job at Deaconess Sleep Disorders Center running diagnostic sleep studies at night and then transitioned to scoring sleep studies for respiratory events and EEG stages of sleep, while becoming a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist. He has welcomed the transition to Canada working as a sleep therapist and especially enjoys the one on one interaction with patients and the rewards of seeing quality of life improvements with proper OSA treatment. He also has an interest in Pediatric OSA given his young son’s recent diagnosis. When he’s not at Healthy Heart Sleep Company he enjoys exploring the Canadian Rockies by hiking, skiing, scrambling, and camping with his two kids, wife, and dog.