Healthy Heart Sleep Company has been fortunate to be able to help so many people treat their sleep apnea. We believe that we have a duty to help others. We are proud to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Canadian Humanitarian, and Hockey Calgary.


Canadian Humanitarian was founded in 2003, to help disadvantaged children, their families, and communities in Ethiopia break free from the cycle of poverty. They have helped many children obtain education and communities obtain clean water. These are things that we as Canadians take for granted, but for these communities these are life changing opportunities.

Healthy Heart Sleep Company is a proud sponsor of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). JDRF has been a global leader for over 40 years in research for finding cure for Type 1 Diabetes, and advocating for those with Type 1 Diabetes. JDRF is committed to improving the lives of every person with Type 1 Diabetes and to curing this disease.


DeerValley Marketplace Stampede Breakfast

Healthy Heart Sleep Company was happy to give back to the community by being part of the 2019 DeerValley Marketplace Stampede Breakfast!

Picks & Plates 2019

Join JDRF at Hudson for an exciting evening of cocktails, canapes and comedy as we welcome Edmonton-based comedian, Andrew Grose.

Picks & Plates will also feature exciting silent and live auctions, raffles, a special musical guest and so much more, all in support of JDRF’s effort to turn type one into type none.

Date:  Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Time:  6:00 pm

Location:  Hudson, 200 8th Ave SW, 6th Floor, Calgary

Additional Details:  Cocktail Reception

Regular Tickets $150

Exclusive VIP Package Tickets! $525  Package includes two tickets to the event, a one-night stay at the prestigious Le Germain Hotel in a Signature King Room with valet parking and breakfast provided by Le Germain’s house restaurant, CharCut.

To purchase your tickets today, click here, or call 403-255-7100.

We look forward to seeing you on April 13th where together, you can help us create a future without T1D.

JDRF Kids for a Cure Lobby Day 2018

Every two years, JDRF Canada invites 28 children living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to gather in Ottawa and meet face-to-face with some of the top decision-makers in the Canadian government. George’s son, Aiden, has been selected to attend this year’s Kids For A Cure Lobby Day and we couldn’t be more proud. Aiden’s passion about raising awareness for type 1 diabetes inspires us, and we hope his story will help Members of Parliament understand what life with T1D is like and why research to fund life-changing therapies until a cure can be found is so critical. Thanks, Aiden!

Learn more here:

Hockey Calgary Golf Tournament

This summer we were pleased to sponsor the Hockey Calgary golf tournament.

Canadian Humanitarian Hope For Tomorrow

We had the privilege of being a sponsor for Canadian Humanitarian event Hope For Tomorrow, held at the iconic St. Louis Hotel in downtown Calgary on November 16.

Great music and entertainment! Live and silent auctions were held. People had a lot of fun while raising money for a great cause!

Canadian Humanitarian helps underprivileged young people in Ethiopia break the cycle of poverty. Their help allows these young people become contributing members of society, and to help others in their communities.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us, because without you we would not be able to help such a great cause!

Ethiopia with Canadian Humanitarian

I am getting ready to head back to Ethiopia with Canadian Humanitarian. Canadian Humanitarian is a charitable organization started right here in Alberta. Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty in one generation through education and support. I had the chance to spend time with the kids in the program two years ago playing hockey, card games , and doing science experiments. I was humbled by how hardworking, grateful and motivated they are and I can’t wait to go back.

– Christen

Ethiopia with Canadian Humanitarian – February 23rd 
The trip so far has been good but not without challenges. The kids are happy to see us and have loved playing volleyball and hockey. We have also tried to organize arts and crafts but that was interrupted by the most fierce downpour of rain I have seen in awhile. Addis Ababa has changed SO much in two years ( more cars, new businesses and more buildings!). The kids I saw two years ago are thriving; and that makes my heart happy. We even got to meet our second sponsor child; so exciting!  Remember… your actions might not change the world, but you might change the world for one person.  Think about it!
– Christen

Ethiopia with Canadian Humanitarian – February 24th

Believe it or not, I know the majority of the group I am travelling with. Besides my son Sy, who has joined me on this trip, I worked with Dr. Ord, Lindsay and Pam two years ago. We actually made a pact to come back together. They are part of the dental team.
We are also completing medicals with Dr. Northcott and Deborah. We have 3 other members of the dental team on this trip.
It is amazing to see how everyone works together!

– Christen



PICKS & PLATES IN SUPPORT OF JDRF is another charity event Healthy Heart Sleep Company supports. Please click on the link for more information.

Join JDRF, our Type 1 diabetes (T1D) community and Vancouver-based stand-up comedian and T1D advocate, Erica Sigurdson for our Picks & Plates event at Hudson Event Space. Your attendance and support will continue to help JDRF to advance our mission to turn type one into type none. We look forward to an evening of canapes, cocktails and excellent company.


My name is Christen Oram, and I am a Respiratory Therapist at Healthy Heart Sleep Company. I went to Ethiopia with the Canadian Humanitarian Group, and this is a short recap. Please read to the end and watch the video, and if you have any questions, please email me.  I love to talk about this experience.

People always ask about the trip and what we do while we are there, and they also ask why we go there when there are people here we can volunteer with. I try to be informative, to explain things in a deeper level. However, it is hard if you have never been to a third world country.  On this trip, we talked a lot about poverty and Dr. Northcott explained poverty as a disease which was an eye-opener.

Canadian Humanitarian is dedicated to assisting disadvantaged youth break out of the cycle of poverty by giving them a chance to achieve their potential through education and support. The kids go to school during the day but then go to the Canadian Humanitarian (CH) center after school for help with their studies, to participate in clubs (art, drama, sport, and dance), to eat a hot meal and interact with positive adult role models and peers. The majority of the kids in the programs are orphans and have fractured family units if they have one at all. The kids flourish with access to medical and dental care and other supports they receive in the CH programs.  They can focus on their schoolwork and achieve top marks in exams which will allow them to attend university or vocational school.  One day these kids will have families of their own with children who will not know the poverty their parent experienced.

I have learned many things from volunteering with Canadian Humanitarian. Apparently, kids will be kids wherever you are.  They all have little arguments about the rules of a game, they love learning something new, and they all know how to cheer for a goal whether in a soccer game or a newly learned hockey one- cheering must be universal.  However, I think the kids in Ethiopia are more creative; they think outside the box more than North American kids. If you hand a non-traditional deck of cards to a North American child, they will more than likely ask you for the “rules to the game” because they have never seen this type of deck before.  If you hand the same deck to an Ethiopian child, they would inspect them and then start making up a game with the 4 other kids who have already raced over to see what was happening. It was amazing to witness what they came up with.

All kids love balloons though!  Sy and I brought lots of balloons for the kids.  I remember asking the translator if the kids knew how to tie a knot, in the end, to keep them inflated.  He looked at me like I had two heads.  Confused with the situation I turned around to see multiple balloons being batted around, so I thought “ok they must know how to tie the knot.”  Then the translator came over and asked me about my question. He explained the kids would not tie them because then it could not be used again, so they would find something to tie it with.  Most of the kids used something that looked like a stiff grass.  For the rest of the day, the kids would follow us and say “finya, finya.”  It took me a while to figure out finya means balloon in Amharic.

We at Healthy Heart Sleep Company are honored to be apart of this great organization, and I can’t wait to go back in two years.


The JDRF Picks and Plates fundraiser for Type1 Diabetes was on Apr 21. We are proud to announce JDRF raised 100k to help kids with Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you for supporting this, and the next JDRF fundraiser is the Walk to Cure Diabetes on June.10. #Diabetes #JDRF